Create free website with free domain

Create free website with free domain

Create free website with free domain

Do you want to create a website for free?

Start with a ready-to-go template to get online right away!

Just add your content and choose premade sections to quickly launch your online presence for any industry. Explore online store features, social media integrations, contact forms, and more. A few clicks later, you’re online with a responsive website for all devices.

Here I added the procedure to understand better, I also added screenshots.


Step 1: Go to

Create free website with free domain


Step 2: Click on Create My Free Website



Step 3: Choose the free plan



Step 4: If you have already an account, then just simply Sign In. Besides, If you don’t have an account then you need to Sign Up and fill out the form using your First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, and Password



Step 5: Choose your website name/ Domain name, then click choose this website button



Step 6: Your account setup is done now you can watch this promo video or go to the next option easily



Step 7: Then you will get this message that you need to activate your website by checking your email



Step 8: Don’t worry about this message, just check your email and click on the activation link



Step 9: The link will redirect you here. To keep in touch with you just agree to their terms and conditions



Step 10: Now start building your website



Step 11: Hurrah! You are just on the track. Go to edit your site as you want



Step 12: To create/add/remove/edit pages, you need to go here



Step 13: We are now here to edit the page header first, you can add the company name, company logo, button, and social media links as your desire


Step 14: From the left, you can edit all the text background images, layout, and everything! You can edit this one by one section also can add a new section as well.



Step 15: The last one is the footer editor, add your address, phone, and company email and link your social accounts



Step 16: To live your website, go to publish button



Hurrah! Your website is now live!

Still, if you need assistance, you can contact me easily by clicking here.

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