Lazy Loading In WordPress

Lazy Loading In WordPress

What is Lazy Loading?

Lazy-loading images is a technique for optimizing the loading time of web pages by deferring the loading of non-visible images until the user scrolls to them. It is especially useful on pages with lots of images, such as photo galleries and slideshows.With Lazy Loading, WordPress users can save a lot of bandwidth and loading time. 

This technique was first introduced in 2010 by Steve Souders. A study from Google found that lazy loading could improve page load times by up to 47%.

The lazy loading technique has been adopted by many web developers as a way to reduce page load time.

The benefits of lazy-loading are: 

  • Reduced page load times for users who scroll through your site.
  • Loads images, scripts, and styles only when they are in the viewport.
  • Reduced data usage for your site visitors, which means faster load times even on slower networks. 
  • Improved scrolling performance in browsers that support requestAnimationFrame() 
  • Improved page performance in all browsers thanks to the deferral of un-necessary DOMLoading. 
  • Reduced bandwidth costs for your site visitors because users won’t be downloading images that are never visible on their screens.

Best Lazy Load Plugins For WordPress

  1.  a3 Lazy Load
  2. Jetpack
  3. Lazy Load by WP Rocket
  4. Smush
  1. A3 Lazy Load

A3 Lazy Load plugin is very easy to use  and helps us to speed websites. The usages of this plugin is written below:

  1. Install the plugin to directory
  2. And activate the plugin
  3. Open Settings menu
  4. Click on a3 Lazy Load menu
  5. Turn ON Lazy Load and all necessary settings
  6. Save Changes

To Learn More about this plugin click here

  1. Jetpack

Jetpack plugin is also used for backup security, speed optimization, and performance. It is safer and faster, and helps you grow website traffic.

Here are the details about the plugin, click here.


  1. Lazy Load by WP Rocket

LazyLoad is the stylish free lazy cargo plugin for WordPress to lazy cargo images, vids, and iframes on WordPress.

You can lazy load pics in put up content material or widget text, plus thumbnails, avatars, and smilies. LazyLoad looks after iframe lazy load, too: you`ll effortlessly update Youtube iframes with a preview thumbnail to similarly accelerate the loading time of your website.

Learn more about this here.


  1. Smush

Optimize pictures, activate lazy load, resize, compress & enhance your Google Page Speed with the relatively effective and 100% loose WordPress photo smusher, added to you via way of means of the superteam at WPMU DEV!   

 And whether or not you spell it `optimize` or `optimize`, Smush will compress pictures without a seen drop in quality.   

 Image optimization is the perfect manner to make your web page load amazing fast!

Learn More.

Lazy loading pix in WordPress permits you to present site visitors a higher surfing experience. Besides enhancing web web page speed, this selection additionally reduces your bandwidth usage. Overall, it contributes to your search engine optimization efforts for better search rankings.


We hope this text has helped you apprehend the way to make the maximum of the lazy loading function on WordPress sites. Make positive to apply first-rate WordPress web website hosting to in addition enhance your web web page’s performance. Good luck!

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