WordPress Virtual Assistant for Your Business

WordPress Virtual Assistant for Your Business

An Introduction to Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistant” may be a fancy name for remote workers that provide a spread of services to businesses, typically within the administrative realm. Virtual assistance can handle an enormous sort of task, counting on their experience, expertise, and what you would like from them. Some examples are written below:

–> Optimize WordPress speed

–> Remove virus & malware

–> Backup, Transfer & Cloning

–> Help to pick best theme, plugin

–> Help to shop for best domain/hosting

–> install, maintain and customize wordpress

–> manage pages & upload photos, videos & website

–> found out site security issue

–> Fix your html, CSS & php issue

–> Add daily posts in your Wp blog

–> update or create menus, widgets, create pages, change slider, add content

–> update contact form

–> on page SEO optimization

–> update & configure plugin and add new

–> upload and alter theme

–> update shopping card and add pricing

As we mentioned above, there are dozens of tasks a virtual assistant can handle for you:

Coordinating calls and appointments. This single task can save a business owner hours .
Rescheduling calls and appointments. Rescheduling is an unpleasant, but sometimes necessary, task. A Virtual Assistant can handle this for you.

Screening emails. handling email is one among the most important time sinks many employees and owners face. Studies have shown that the maximum amount as 28 percent of the day are often devoured by email. A Virtual Assistant can screen your messages and determine which of them really need your attention versus which may wait, freeing up valuable time.
Transcribe voicemails. A Virtual Assistant can submit your voicemails and detect any important information, like related tasks that require to be done or appointments that are set. they will then update your calendar or to-do list with the small print .Arrange travel plans. If you travel frequently, having your Virtual Assistant book flights and hotels and coordinate transportation are often an enormous time-saver.

Bookkeeping. Balancing books, processing invoices, and tracking down late payments are often a serious time sink that a trusted Virtual Assistant can help with.
Knowing exactly what you propose to possess the Virtual Assistant help with can both inform your hiring choice and make life easier for the new employee – knowing what to expect helps them prepare and do the simplest job they will .

The Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Virtual Assistant

There are lots of reasons why hiring a Virtual Assistant could be a sensible move. Firstly, the benefit is that it frees up you, or your other employees, to specialise in more valuable tasks which will be better suited to your skills.

This is particularly important during a smaller business where time is restricted and employees could also be split between multiple roles.

As the owner of your business, some time is typically best spent performing business improvement, ensuring client satisfaction, and building relationships.

Likewise, your employers should be focused on creating great results for clients. Every hour spent managing reports, handling email or scheduling, and other tasks that do not advance the business is an hour lost.

Virtual assistants also provide different advantages over a “live” assistant. For example, you do not have to worry about providing office space or equipment for Virtual Assistance. This will save an outsized amount of cash , especially if you use it during a cramped office or if you are a solopreneur and do not have an office.

You can also more easily get the precise amount of assistance you require. you’ll hire a Virtual Assistant on a full-time or part-time basis, or maybe even as needed.

Since they work remotely, you do not have to hire them then find work to fill their time and justify them coming to the office. When they’re finished, they will simply sign off for the day.

How to Find the proper WordPress Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Now that you simply understand why hiring a Virtual Assistant is often an enormous help, it is time to start out the method of finding the proper one. This will seem daunting, especially since virtual assistants are fully remote naturally . However, the method can generally be choppy into four simple steps.

Come Up With an inventory of Tasks you would like the Virtual Assistant to Perform
The first thing you ought to do is create an inventory of the tasks you want your new WordPress virtual assistant to perform. This will be an incredible help once you start to look at freelance sites and marketplaces because you will have a head-start on filtering down the vast number of Virtual Assistant out there to only those that suit your needs.


In short, A virtual assistant is an independent contractor who provides administrative services to clients while operating outside of the client’s office. A virtual assistant typically operates from a headquarters but can access the required planning documents, like shared calendars, remotely.

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    Rahana is incredible and the best fiverr consultant I’ve worked with. She’s understands the request quickly and is very responsive/proactive. She is also just a very pleasant person to work with. I look forward to continuing to work with her on future projects!

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    Удачи всем!

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